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EverEarth Wooden Dinosaur Toy Figure - Brachiosaurus

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EverEarth’s range of wooden toys are designed and produced using sustainable methods, materials and tested to extremely high European safety standards. This ensures ever EverEarth children’s wooden toy is a quality, durable and long lasting toy which can be passed from one generation of children to the next, a genuine heirloom wooden toy.

Magical dinosaur figures don’t come much more distinctive than the EverEarth Brachiosaurus Bamboo wooden dinosaur toy. Known as the “Giraffe” dinosaur because of a distinctive long neck the EverEarth Brachiosaurus dinosaur is true to shape and eye catching in a vibrant blue. Straight from the famous Jurassic era the Brachiosaurus dinosaur was a plant eater, coming from the Sauropod family of dinosaurs. The EverEarth Brachiosaurus wooden dinosaur toy; a must have in any toddler’s collection of dinosaurs for kids.

Size - Wooden Dinosaur Toy - Brachiosaurus: W 12cm x D 4.5cm x H 20cm.

Age: 24+ months.

EverEarth Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Toy features:

  • VERSITILE – wooden dinosaur toy for both boys and girls, suits ages from toddler upwards and encourages both group and individual play to develop those little personalities. 
  • SIMPLICITY – Attractive uncomplicated design allowing children to easily engage and stimulate their creativity and imagination and being battery free ensures free ongoing long term fun for generations.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE – ISO 14001 and 14064 certified wooden toy manufacturer ensures responsible and safe operations together with EverEarth’s Plant-a-Tree program for every toy sold, ensure truly sustainable and responsible kids wooden toys.

greengrub Wooden Toys Australia; delivering quality educational wooden toys and puzzles for children across Australia.

Designed in various Countries.
Made in China under strict quality, safety and ethical controls using certified eco-friendly production methods.

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EverEarth Wooden Dinosaur Toy Figure - Brachiosaurus Reviews

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