COVID-19 Questions and Answers - BRISBANE LOCK DOWN UPDATE (See Question 1. below)

greengrub Wooden Toys at the present time is FULLY OPERATIONAL, while taking precautions to ensure Customer Health and Safety as well as our own.

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it, and while inconvenient our first thoughts are with those who are seriously ill with the virus or worse still have lost loved ones. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy even if a little stir crazy due to social distancing and the closure of most kids entertainment and gatherings.

Zoom meeting Kids Birthday parties just aren't the same as the real thing - we know we've tried!

Like everyone at the moment we're finding it a challenge to keep all the balls in the air with simple things like grocery shopping, taking the Kids to the beach or going to the movies either a real chore or now not even possible.

Given we're a family owned small business we understand your time is now more valuable than every so we're created the below Q&A section with all the recent questions we've received and the answers regarding how we continue to operate our online educational toy store and puzzle shop. If you have a question call us on 07 3102 9820 or email This section will be continually updated as applicable. 

Recent Customer questions regarding COVID-19 and our ability to continue shipping our wooden toys and puzzles

Question 1 - With Brisbane in lock down are you still open?

Answer - Yes; we continue to ship Orders Australia wide every weekday, although we have temporarily paused our Click and Collect service.Our online store remains open 24/7 and because we're a home based business we dont need to leave our property to pack orders and our Couriers pick up from Us so no delays.

Question 2 - Are your Couriers running on time.

Answer - YES; our Couriers are generally running on time and haven't experienced any material delays.
We generally dont use Australia Post so have been unaffected by their recent delays. Our Delivery and Returns page has more information and a link to our Couriers COVID-19 updates page.

Question 3 - What Safety Precautions are your Couriers Taking?

Answer - Sendle our Courier partners continue to put safety first with contactless delivery for both pickups and deliveries, and our drivers are wearing disposable face masks and using hand sanitiser while on duty.

Question 4 - Are Couriers offering contactless delivery?

Answer - Yes; as above, Sendle our Courier partners put safety first with contactless delivery for both pickups and deliveries.

Question 5 What are your opening hours?

Answer - Our online Toy Store and Puzzle Shop is open 24 hours 7 days per week.

Question 6 - What are your shipping days?

Answer - We pack and ship orders daily; Monday to Friday but not on public holidays.

Question 7 - What precautions are you taking with orders?

Answer - We ensure none of the family members working with orders are showing any flu like symptoms and give each order a Glen 20 disinfect spray before it leaves Us.

Thank you for Buying Local and Supporting our family Owned Small Business in these trying times - we really do appreciate it!

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