Why are educational toys so important in children’s lives?

As parents we are continuously seeking opportunities where we can educate  our children, teaching them vital skills during their young years. We all know the first 6 years of a child’s life is the most critical for brain development and these early years of learning set the foundation for the rest of their lives. It is like a pyramid where we lay the building blocks as a foundation for their lifelong learning. A child’s main way of learning is through toys and active play.

Educational toys provide many valuable benefits for kids of all ages. From a very early age kids develop fine motor skills, concentration, problem solving and verbal skills. In later years they learn how to share toys, interact with others, wait for their turn and gain self-confidence. Educational wooden toys provide an opportunity to replace screen time with fun, engaging play time. Toys such as puzzles and activity games encourage children to think logically, learn about feelings and improve their concentration skills and the sense of pride when accomplishing something challenging. Educational building toys improve planning and problem-solving skills, while pretend play stimulates creativity, verbal and non-verbal communication and co-operation.

With the opportunity to significantly improve learning outcomes for our own kids as well as other families here at greengrub we set about searching for high quality, innovative and award winning educational wooden toys and puzzles and since 2014 have been offering these from our online Australian toy store.

Greengrub Wooden Toys are driven by a passion to awaken children’s sense of wonder, enriching their imagination, encouraging them to continue exploring and discovering.