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Djeco Elephant Art Jigsaw Puzzle 150pc

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French Brand Djeco are committed to providing families with beautifully crafted, creative and educational jigsaw puzzles, games and wooden toys. In 1954 Djeco’s founder Véronique Michel-Dalès was a pioneering woman, starting her own company in a male dominated industry she created several hugely popular educational games and by the 1960’s Véronique had won numerous awards. Her creative and pioneering spirit continues today with Djeco’s dedication to quality, innovative educational wooden toys and puzzles now spanning over 64 years.

Djeco have captured the beauty of the elephant in this stunning jigsaw puzzle for children. Within the uniquely designed puzzle in the shape of an elephant, Djeco’s artists have cleverly weaved this gentle giants animal kingdom friends. Watch birds, fish and monkeys a bear, tiger and fox slowly emerge before your eyes as a normally hyper energetic 5 year old ponders the placement of their next puzzle piece. Be warned….this 150 piece jigsaw puzzle has no straight edges or corners so no easy to starting point, testing the smartest young puzzle guru. Bring the challenge of this gentle giant into your family today!

Size - Elephant Puzzle Art Jigsaw Puzzle: W 62cm x H 46cm.

Age: 5+ years.

Djeco Elephant Art Jigsaw Puzzle 150pc features:

  • EDUCATIONAL – Stimulates and develops critical skills for primary school aged children:
    • Problem solving – enhanced by using logic and deep thought to figure out how pieces fit together;
    • Memory – increases by recalling colour, pattern and size of each puzzle piece when a space fitting the remembered piece is found; and
    • Goal setting – constant small goals are required to complete sections of this complex puzzle as progress is made towards the ultimate satisfaction of completing the entire jigsaw.
  • ENGAGING – Complex visual cues, shapes and colours will have the most restless kids deep in thought as they tackle the intricacies of this fantastic elephant jigsaw puzzle. Try getting them into the bath before this one is done!
  • HIGH QUALITY – Puzzle pieces are silky smooth, made from super durable card and printed with eye catching high gloss jungle animal images using child safe inks. Djeco’s strict quality control standards ensure this puzzle will provide puzzling enjoyment for generations.

Designed in France.
Made in China under strict quality, safety and sustainability controls.

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