Bamboo Wooden Toys are a fantastic alternative to plastic toys, not just being eco friendly but also for their beautiful texture and strength. Children enjoy exploring all kinds of materials from nature. Bamboo toys inspire babies and kids to use their imaginatons to the highest levels. 


Bamboo is considered one of the fastest growing and most sustainable plants on Earth. It can grow up to 90cm a day and can reach its full height in one growing season, which is typically 3-4 months. When bamboo is harvested between 3-7 years, new shoots appear and grow from the same root system. Bamboo forests are self-renewing and harvesting can take place without damaging the bamboo forest.

Bamboo is stronger than most hardwoods.

Bamboo forests can release 35% more oxygen than timber tree forests.

It has lower environmental impacts than harvesting hardwood with hardwood forests also taking decades to recover.


Bamboo is very versatile when it comes to use! Some countries use it as a strong building material, gardening supplies like stalks and frames, clothes fabric, furniture, gift items, children toys and bicycles.


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