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Djeco Rabbits First Jigsaw Puzzle 3, 4, 5pc

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Djeco are globally recognised for developing safe and delightfully imaginative educational jigsaw puzzles and wooden early learning toys for kids. Operating since 1954 this French Company is now run by the founder’s son Frédéric who continues the tradition of creating exquisitely designed and colourfully decorated jigsaw puzzles for children of all ages.

Our bestselling first jigsaw puzzle and easiest to complete this Djeco adorably cute rabbit first kids puzzle makes an ideal early learning gift for those inquisitive fingers and minds. Comprising 3 separate puzzles this set starts your toddler on their wonderous puzzle journey with a 3 piece easy to complete learning puzzle then steps up the 4 piece and finally provides a challenging 5 piece jigsaw puzzle to complete their introduction to a lifetime of puzzle challenges.

Size - Package: W 21cm x D 4cm x H 25cm.
Size - Progressive Primo Rabbit Puzzles x3 (each): W 20cm x H 24cm.

Age: 24+ months.

Djeco First Jigsaw Puzzle Set 3, 4 and 5pc Rabbits (total 12 pieces) features:

  • GREAT VALUE – 3 separate rabbit animal puzzles each featuring a different adorable rabbit set within a different season. All puzzles are made from high quality, long lasting 2.5 mm card and high gloss printing to ensure future generations of kids can continue enjoying the wonderous world of children’s puzzles.
  • PROGRESSIVE DEVELOPMENT – Ideal first kids jigsaw puzzle set allows progress at children’s own pace. Easy introduction with a 3 piece winter themed energetic bunny as first puzzle, second puzzle is 4 piece cheeky carrot eating rabbit in spring time, the third puzzle includes graduates your toddler from puzzle school with 5 pieces showcasing a mother and baby bunny enjoying an autumn afternoon.
  • ENGAGING – Simple and highly effective in engaging a child’s attention through different colours, rabbit animal shapes and spatial layout. Children quickly engage and maintain interest as the enticing challenge to identify and match the puzzle pieces is spellbinding and wonderous for Mums and Dad’s to watch.

Designed in France.
Made in China under strict quality, safety and sustainability controls.

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Djeco Rabbits First Jigsaw Puzzle 3, 4, 5pc Reviews

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