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Djeco Hello Owl Jigsaw Puzzle 24pc

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Djeco are globally recognised for developing safe and delightfully imaginative educational jigsaw puzzles and wooden early learning toys for kids. Operating since 1954 this French Company is now run by the founder’s son Frédéric who continues the tradition of creating exquisitely designed and colourfully decorated and display / gift boxed jigsaw puzzles for children of all ages.

Hoot, hoot, everyone is welcome to visit the colourful apple tree where a wise fluffy blue owl lives with its baby owl (actually called and owlet). Creatively illustrated this 24 piece Djeco’s hello owl silhouette puzzle features a large apple tree in green, grassy fields with numerous friendly little animals and insects visiting the owls home. How many animals can you find in the apple tree branches?

Size – Owl Animal Jigsaw Puzzle: W 42cm x H 30cm.

Age: 36+ months.

Djeco Hello Owl Jigsaw Puzzle 24pc with Silhouette Display Box features:

  • EDUCATIONAL – Delivers 3 skills critical for children’s early learning. Physical skills are developed from grasping puzzle pieces and arranging them until they slot together, cognitive skills are used to solve the challenge of the puzzle and emotional skills of patience and persistence are developed as they work towards the delightful reward of having completed the puzzle.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Puzzle pieces are silky smooth, made with super durable card and printed with eye catching high gloss animal images using child safe inks. These jigsaw puzzles meet Djeco’s strict quality standards and include a durable cute owl shaped silhouette display box, ideal for party gift giving.
  • ENGAGING – Simple and highly effective in engaging a child’s attention through different colours, animal shapes and spatial layout. Children quickly engage and maintain interest as the enticing challenge to identify and match the puzzle pieces is irresistible for kids. 

Designed in France.
Made in China under strict quality, safety and sustainability controls.

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Djeco Hello Owl Jigsaw Puzzle 24pc Reviews

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