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Djeco Animal Traditional Wooden Puzzle 3 Layer Tree House

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Djeco; a French early learning toy brand started as a small family owned business in 1954 developing educational, intelligent and fun games and puzzles for children. Over 64 years later Djeco remain a family owned business proudly dedicated to producing creative, stylish and award winning educational wooden toys and children’s puzzles.

Kids love tree houses and this quality Djeco Chez-nut wooden animal puzzle depicts magical tree houses full of colourful and friendly animals across 3 layers. Each layer is a different season depicting wonderous autumn, summer and winter themes with the animals, colours and the trees leaves changing between each season. Imagine sharing their delight and achievement as they proudly show off their colourful wooden puzzle completed.

Size Package –: W 27cm x D 3cm x H 27cm.
Size – Wooden Puzzle 3 Layer Tree House: W 25cm x H 25cm.

Age: 24+ months.

Djeco Animal Traditional Wooden Puzzle 3 Layer Tree House features:

  • ENGAGING – Captures a child’s attention with vibrant colours and delightful pictures these 3 layer wooden puzzles maintain engagement through endless stimulation of children’s minds through visual and touch sensory experiences.
  • EDUCATIONAL – Delivers 3 skills critical for children’s early learning. Physical skills are developed from grasping puzzle pieces and arranging them until they slot together, cognitive skills are used to solve the challenge of the puzzle and emotional skills of patience and persistence are developed as they work towards the delightful reward of having completed the puzzle.
  • GREAT VALUE – Provides 3 separate animal puzzle designs within 1 long lasting quality wooden puzzle which can be passed down to future generations of kids to continue enjoying the wonderous and fun world of puzzles. 

Designed in France.
Made in China under strict quality, safety and sustainability controls.

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