Time flys by......don't forget what's important in your life!

Time flys by......don't forget what's important in your life!

We've all heard the old adage "I work to live, not live to work" but sometimes we need to keep reminding ourselves.

I cant believe it's been over 3 months since our last Blog post but the time just fly's by. Part of the reason though is we always make time for family and this means other things have to wait. While running our small business creating and sharing handmade wooden toys is important we also need to jungle other paid work, house choirs, walking the dog etc. Most of all though we always prioritise family time.

Nothing beats a ride through the Park on the bikes, a day out exploring a National Park or a run along Palm Beach with the dog on the Goldie. Recently we've been working (Team effort) on a Tree House which has provided some tricky challenges given it's actually on 4 legs and includes some crazy angles to fit between 2 established tress in the garden. We are 4 weeks into construction and I think it will take us another 4 to finish but half the fun has been building it.

Spending quality time with our little son and physically showing him how things work, letting him use some of the tools himself and be there to answer his questions is priceless. Just as we enjoy hand making toys there is something special about building something yourself and sitting back to admire your handiwork when it's finished.

We look forward to sharing some photo's here and on our Instagram page when we finish.

Take care and enjoy all the family time you can get.

Greg - greengrub Wooden Toys