Support and empower families to grow healthy, resilient kids

Support and empower families to grow healthy, resilient kids

greengrub Wooden Toys are helping Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) support and empower Cambodian families grow healthy, resilient kids!

Here at greengrub Wooden Toys our family believe in helping those less fortunate than ourselves hence our long-time support of CCT a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Cambodia.

Living in Australia we enjoy a beautiful, safe, clean and stable environment many of the world’s population including children can only dream of. While we create, and share our natural handmade wooden toys with lots of happy kids we realise others are not so lucky and have more immediate needs than toys.

CCT was originally setup in 2007 as a children’s orphanage by Aussie Tara Winkler and Jedtha Pon but it soon became evident keeping kids in families rather than orphanages had much better outcomes for everyone. So, the move towards supporting poor families so kids didn’t end up in orphanages was made and now CCT is proudly not and orphanage but a service provider helping families. All children supported by CCT are now living in a family and active members of their local community.

We’re sure you’ll agree being part of a loving, safe and supportive family is the best place for kids to learn and grow and we love the idea’s and programs CCT have developed to assist families stay together. This also extends to CCT’s team with over 90% being Khmer local’s delivering community, education and social enterprise services out of CCT’s community youth centers, community preschool, foster care homes and social enterprise restaurant……where we hope to enjoy a meal someday :)

If like us you feel a need to help poor families stay together and provide opportunities for eager little people just starting out in life, visit the CCT’s website by clicking here.