​5 best outdoor activities for toddler’s development

​5 best outdoor activities for toddler’s development

What's the best outdoor activities for toddler’s development and fun exercise?

As we know toddlers never sit still (especially our little boy) but some activities are better than others for learning development and physical exercise.

It’s widely thought 30 mins of structured play and 60 mins of unstructured play has significant benefits in helping kids focus on individual tasks, developing increasing physical fitness and encouraging restful sleep.....ohhh yes please.

Here’s our top 5 outdoor activities for toddlers development and fun exercise:

  1. Navigating a simple obstacle course - encourages thought and concentration. Include ride on toys, wooden hobby horses, bikes or even a big stick (think wizard on a broomstick) exercising those little legs and minds;
  2. Throwing a ball at a target – promotes perseverance and encourages determination. Paint or chalk a target on the fence or concrete driveway, use the dog kennel door or create a hoop using a bucket or cardboard box;
  3. Setting a running course challenge – builds stamina and self confidence. Stake out a simple running course in the back yard, set a time limit or number of laps challenge then work together to improve after each run. Add a sprinkler if it’s a hot day;
  4. Treasure hunting – generates intrigue and investigative thinking. Hide favourite toys like wooden cars or trucks around the garden and give clues to their whereabouts. Or go skywards by hanging natural treats, lollies or toy planes and helicopters in trees or parts of the house.
  5. Stepping stone exercises – encourages concentration and develops balance. Place some non slip stones, pavers or pieces of wood at various angles and lengths apart. Change arrangement around after a few goes so they don’t get bored or setup a hopscotch pattern and play.

Most of all encourage your toddlers to experience and enjoy playing outdoors. The outside environment stimulates all their senses and encourages learning naturally to create active kids.

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Also for upcoming outdoor activities checkout Nature Play Week – kids do better outside. www.natureplayweek.org.au