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andZee Underwater Marine Animals Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle - Great Barrier Reef 16pc

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andZee is 100% Australian owned and produce a delightful range of Educational Wooden Toys and Puzzles designed in Australia to encourage children's basic instinct for play and fun learning. Parents looking for safe, durable and environmentally responsible toys will be pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail in design, manufacture and superior smooth to touch quality andZee delivers with each wooden toy and jigsaw puzzle. Every andZee wooden toy and puzzle is manufactured from premium quality eco-friendly materials ensuring sustainability then finished in child safe coatings, paints and dyes and finally tested to pass strict global toy safety standards ensuring your kids will enjoy their andZee's wooden toys and puzzles for many years to come. andZee's commitment to responsible children's toy manufacturing extends to packaging with most designed not only to get your toys and jigsaw puzzles safely to your kids but remain usable as storage instead of going to landfill greatly assisting the War on Waste - purchase these educational wooden toys and jigsaw puzzles to do your bit for the environment!

andZee’s Great Barrier Reef themed Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle showcases the amazing colours and interesting marine animals of the worlds largest reef system. Expand your children's educational knowledge and understanding of Australia's world most famous Great Barrier Reef by taking an imaginative dive into the deep blue sea and work to solve the puzzle's challenge to identify 10 beautiful marine animals. Kids will be amazed as colourful and true to life animal shapes appear before their eyes, whales, fish, seahorse and a crab are just some of the amazing underwater animals artistically featured. Learning doesn't stop there with children developing important early learning skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and problem solving as they eagerly complete the engaging jigsaw puzzle. As if that wasn't enough; these 16 piece jigsaw puzzles are super durable and made from eco-friendly and sustainable plantation timber with laser printed graphics which can be wiped clean and disinfected  over and over again without damage. With so much potential for learning in such a great quality puzzle, these are a must have for the kids toy box.

Have you been looking for safe traditional kids toys with high educational value and fun play characteristics? Congratulations, you have found them here with greengrub Wooden Toys and andZee!

Size - Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle - Great Barrier Reef Australia: W 20cm x D 0.9cm x H 20cm.

Age: 3+ years.

Wooden Underwater Jigsaw Puzzle - Great Barrier Reef Australia Marine Animals features:

  • SAFE – Tested to global safety standards with jigsaw puzzle pieces laser cut to ensure smooth edges with no splinters. Child safe colours are produced by innovative laser printing onto the jigsaw puzzles providing the ability to wipe with disinfectant without damaging the wooden puzzle – great for childcare centres of home childcare.
  • SUSTAINABLE – Super durable plantation wood construction using eco-friendly toy production methods, minimal packaging combined with carbon neutral delivery by greengrub Wooden Toys courier service ensures your decision to buy this quality kids jigsaw puzzle is a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice for your children and the planet.
  • EDUCATIONAL – Entertaining and engaging these wooden jigsaw puzzles introduce children to Australian geography through a beautifully colourful, true to life, scaled representation of the Australian landmass highlighting each State, Territory and capital city. This Great Barrier Reef marine animals jigsaw puzzle is an ideal early learning tool developing fine motor skills through picking up, holding and placing puzzle pieces; problem solving and dexterity as they work to fit the pieces together correctly and emotional satisfaction as they complete the puzzle challenge.

Designed in Australia.
Made in China under strict safety, ethical and environmental standards.

greengrub Wooden Toys Australia; convenient online shopping and fast delivery to your door from our family owned Wooden Toy and Jigsaw Puzzle Shop sharing high quality educational wooden toys and jigsaw puzzles with kids all over Australia.

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andZee Underwater Marine Animals Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle - Great Barrier Reef 16pc Reviews

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