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Reduce plastics in our waterways - Turn to Tap this Summer

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Easy ways to reduce the most common rubbish in Queensland waterways

Being a small Australian business making and selling sustainable, plastic free toys we are big supporters of others who also share a “less plastic” vision for our kids futures.

As such I was very impressed to see the recent promotion by Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) “Turn to Tap this Summer” to reduce the consumption and associated unnecessary waste from bottled water.

A statistic which really hit home to me regarding water sold in single use plastic bottles is this: 

It takes 3L of water and 250ml of oil to produce 1L of bottled water…..crazy stuff!

So what can we do? The great thing is it’s so easy!!

  1. Choose tap!
  2. Grab a reusable BPA free water bottle
  3. Take note of refill stations near you
  4. Recycle bottles if you find them lying around
  5. Encourage family and friends to ditch bottled water for tap

Given the world class quality, availability and very low cost of our tap water in Australia lets ignore the slick marketing campaigns and ditch Bottled Water.

As QUU campaign says, Tap Waters:

  • Better for your hip pocket – less than 1 (one) cent per litre
  • Better for the environment – reduces the most common waste in South East Qld waterways, single use water bottles
  • Better for your wellbeing – meets high Australian Standards

Check out these links for some other great tips or visit our Store to buy Plastic Free Toys.

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Turn to Tap Campaign

Handcrafted, Plastic Free Toys

Supporting tap water for drinking. Sustainable Toys

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